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Welcome to Biomolecular NMR laboratory

This is the homepage of Professor Junfeng Wang's group at Chinese high magnetic field laboratory . We focus on studying the three dimensional structures and functions of disease-related membrane proteins  using NMR technique.


About Us

Junfeng Wang, Ph. D

Dr. Junfeng Wang, director of the magnetic resonance division and the director of the biomolecular NMR program. He received his PhD degree from National High Magnetic Field Laboratory/Florida State University in 2001. Before joining High Magnetic Field Laboratory as a “Hundred Talents Program” researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences, he conducted postdoctoral researches at University of Georgia and Harvard Medical School.



Many important biological functions, such as the cross-membrane nutrients transport, neural signal transduction, cell-cell interactions are implemented by membrane proteins, which count for 30% of the protein genomes. Mutations and dysfunctions of membrane proteins and membrane-associated proteins result in various diseases, and over 60% of current drug targets are membrane proteins.  The ongoing researches in the lab focus on membrane protein structure determination and protein-lipid interactions, with the goal of providing structural and dynamical insights on cross-membrane signaling and other protein-membrane recognition events. The primary tool we are using is solution NMR spectroscopy, which is ideal for determining protein structure, characterizing protein dynamics and inter-molecular interactions in solution.


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Hongbin Sun hbsun@hmfl.ac.cn

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Assistant researchers

Bo Wu bowu@hmfl.ac.cn
Wenping Mao mao@hmfl.ac.cn
Jiarong Wang jiarongwang@hmfl.ac.cn
Jing Yang yj91@hmfl.ac.cn
Yunyan Li yyli@hmfl.ac.cn

Graduate student

Kun Ma makun@hmfl.ac.cn
Juanjuan Liu liujuan@hmfl.ac.cn
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Maosen Ruan 1406172513@qq.com



2015-09-24 Report

Dr.Jean-Paul Amoureux(University of lille-1)

Presentation Title:New methods for the detection of 14N nuclei in solid state NMR

When: 9:00 on Sep 24th, 2015

Where:322 CHMFL

Host: Dr. Junfeng Wang


2015-06-03 Report

Dr. Haribabu Arthanari (Harvard Medical School)

Presentation Title: Therapeutic Targeting of Protein-Protein Interactions: Deciphering the protein landscape by NMR Spectroscopy

When: 15:00 on June 3rd, 2015 

Where: 201 CHMFL  

Host: Dr. Junfeng Wang




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